Unsere Vertrauensgarantie: Wir versprechen, dass Sie bei uns den besten Preis erhalten!

The neck is tense, the back hurts, the face calls for rest?!
Then come by and enjoy a massage or application from our repertoire.
The following spa offers can be booked by calling 034721-50100 or on site at the reception:
P.S.: The offer is gradually expanding. Please note that a period of 5 minutes of rest is already planned during the application period. Changes are possible at any time.

Back-neck massage

Duration 30 min - 34,50€
Your back and neck area is tense? No problem - we fix this with a soothing and relaxed massage.

Foot reflex zone massage

Duration 30 min - 34,50€
The reflex zones of the feet allow connections to different organs and body parts. Through a targeted massage of the pressure points, the energy flow throughout the organism. Your body will relax completely and your immune system is strengthened.

Individual massage - time to dream

Duration 70 min - 79,50€
We adapt to your needs and take you into the world of peace and relaxation. Experience well-being and pure relaxation. Let yourself fall and recharge your batteries specially applied techniques that bring your body in harmony with the elements.

Head-facial massage

Duration 20 min - 23,50€
We gently release your tension, promote concentration and stimulate your circulation.
Let yourself fall and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Partial body massage

Duration 30 min - 34,50€
Decide which part of your body needs care. We adjust to it and spoil him.

Gentle head-neck massage

Duration 30 min - 34,50€
With gentle, targeted grips and techniques, we free your head. Headaches and migraines are relieved and relaxation floods your body.

Full body massage

Duration 55 min - 63,50€
We release your tension and loosen your muscles. Stress is minimized and calm floods your body. Your immune system is strengthened and body and soul are reconciled.

Cosmetic offers

Naturally Beautiful

Duration 60 min - 69,50€
Deep cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté
Eyebrow correction / coloring of the eyebrows
Ampoule of "Babor"
Eye care
Face mask with subsequent facial massage

Crash cure - Moisture Pur with Babor ampoules

Duration 30 min - 45,00€
Experience how up to 5 ampoules are massaged in one treatment in a row and sustainably quench the thirst of your skin. Let yourself be surprised!


Duration 60 min - 75,00€
Blood circulation mask
Enzyme peeling
Active ingredient concentrate
Eye care
Facial massage or face mask

Babor Men

Duration 60 min - 65,00€
Active ingredient concentrate
Eye care
Face mask and head massage