Unsere Vertrauensgarantie: Wir versprechen, dass Sie bei uns den besten Preis erhalten!


Our golf course is very close to our heart. Therefore, we are very happy to offer you one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses with par 72 in the middle of Germany. The well-kept green and gentle fairways invite you to discover this sport or to refine your technique.

Our regularly held Golf tournaments, for beginners and professionals, guarantee fun and entertainment. On these days, normal use of the course may be limited.

By the way: The golf course can be used after work and at the weekends, even if you are not a hotel guest.

We also have co-operations with different golf clubs. Just ask at the reception!


Driving range with 10 covered & 10 open teeing grounds
Pitch and putting area for practice
Fairways, different obstacles and modelled greens
9-hole golf green

Course Offer

Taster course for those interested in golf
Take courses to get your golf licence of DGV
Single and partner courses
Supported by experienced golf coaches

Opening hours

Summer months
07:00 – 20:00 h

Winter months
10:00 – 19:00 h

Current status


Why is wintergreen important for us all!

To make it possible to play golf even after the warm summer days, we change the grass depending on the weather to wintergreen. We ensure that the golf course can recover from tournaments during the summer season. The grass also has the chance to regrow. The tee shot shall be replaced for the time being from the actual green to the fairways (area between tee shot and green). Due to this, the hole-runs will be shorter but the course can be used to train for the next season.

That’s why we ask all golfers who use the golf course during winter season to follow the winter rules. This is the only way we can ensure a good start to the summer season.

The following rules apply when the golf course is changed to wintergreen

Entering snow-covered green should be avoided
No use of trolleys
No use of e-carts
The golf course only opens after the frost has disappeared (ask at reception)
Only use of winter tee shots