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In case you are on business in the Bernstein Hotel Acamed Resort six contemporary seminar rooms, ranging from 52 to 150 sqm and each with flexible design facilities, as well as five teamwork rooms will be available to you.
There is also a conference room in the Bernburg Serumwerk with more than 250 sqm and three additional working rooms which can also be made available to you.

With modern conference equipment, 130 free parking sites and our extensive service even the work itself becomes a pleasure.

All conference rooms dispose of a free Internet access, air conditioning system and daylight. Some of our conference rooms have direct access to the terrace. During breaks you may enjoy here or on our comfortable seating-accommodations the view over the lake or into idyllic green.

In addition to most modern conference equipment we also offer attractive conference flat rates with general program. Simply ask us: We will kindly advise you!

Conference rooms

All meeting rooms are located in our seminar building, which connects directly to the main building. A separate entrance for the conference participants is available. The conference rooms on the first floor are accessible via a staircase. All rooms have natural light and can be darkened.
Tagungsraum Bode


Equipment: 75-inch flat screen TV with integrated laptop connection/ glass board 1,20 x 2,40

Size: 52 m²

Max. people: 20

Floor: Ground floor

ROOm “Schachtsee“

Equipment: Low-Distance-Beamer with Screen

Size: 70 m²

Max. people: 20

Floor: Ground floor

Tagungsraum Schachtsee
Tagungsraum Elbe


Equipment:  Beamer with large Screen

Size:  85 m²

max. People:  80

Etage:  Upper Floor


Equipment:  Beamer with Screen

Size:  63 m²

max. People:  35

Etage:  Upper Floor

Tagungsraum Saale
Tagungsraum Saale


Equipment:  Beamer with large Screen

Size: 80 m²

max. People:  63

Etage:  Upper Floor


Equipment:  Beamer with large Screen

Size:  120 m²

max. People:  90

Etage:  Ground Floor

Tagungsraum 4 Jahreszeiten

Rom fee & Conference material

Until 20 People
55,00 €/Day (incl. pin board, flip chart and beamer with screen)

More than 21 People
85,00€/Day (incl. pin board, flip chart and beamer with screen)

Group room
50,00 €/Day

Host bag:  30,00€
Pin board:  15,00€
Flip chart:  25,00€
Copy 1-page:  00,08€
Copy 2-page:  00,12€
Plastic sheet:  00,30€

You still have some questions? Just call us and we will help you!