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We have different city and mountain bikes for our hotel guests to hire. We also have some bicycles suitable for children. Now you can take a nice bike tour through the Anhalt area.

Of course, our hotel guests can hire bicycles one time for free with the “Bernburg PlusCard”.

Bicycle Tours

There are four interesting bicycle routes starting directly on our door step

Europa-Cycle-Path (R1)

The R1 is probably rightly regarded as the European cycle path of excellence. Running over more than 3,000 km through nine countries, it follows the course of a road across Europe that has grown for two millennia and was temporarily interrupted in the 20th century. Especially the central section from Arnhem to Berlin offers a lot of European natural and cultural history. In the area of the Salzland region, it touches the gentle foothills of the Harz, the ascending Concordiasee in Seeland and the river landscapes at Bode and Saale with the towns of Staßfurt and Bernburg, until it leaves the circle behind Biendorf in the direction of the Elbe.


The Elbe Cycle Path accompanies the Elbe on its way through Saxony-Anhalt. The Elbe is the second longest river in Germany, which is one of the last natural river landscapes in Central Europe. Besides the aforementioned scenic attractions, about 330 km in Saxony-Anhalt offer various possibilities to experience the country, people and culture. The route also passes through the “Mittelelbe” biosphere reserve. With a little luck you will see the Elbe beavers here. Wonderful alluvial forests and Elbe meadows invite you to linger and have a picnic. The Elbe Cycle Path is without doubt the best of the 10 most popular cycle paths in Germany.
Elbe Radweg
Bode Radweg


The Bode Cycle Path runs along the river Saale in the Salzlandkreis from Etgersleben to the mouth of the river near Nienburg (Saale) and thus connects the towns of Egeln, Staßfurt and Nienburg (Saale) via towns such as Wolmirsleben, Unseburg, Löderburg, Hohenerxleben, Löbnitz and Neugattersleben. The Bode is a particularly calm stretch of water and is therefore also popular with water hikers. This gives the cyclist interesting views and the possibility to meet other cyclists at the available moorings or at the bridges and weirs.


The Saale cycle path takes you 427 km through the most beautiful regions of Upper Franconia, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, from the source of the Saale near Zell in the Fichtelgebirge to the mouth of the Saale into the Elbe near Barby. The trail runs between Rothenburg (Saalekreis) and Barby in the Salzlandkreis district and opens up the relaxing, quiet river landscape with forest and meadows, as well as cultural places such as the towns of Alsleben, Bernburg and Barby, and historical sights such as Plötzkau Castle and the location of the Romanesque road, the monastery church in Nienburg.
Saale Radweg